Bachelor of Science

The Education Outreach of ZENEX VISION ACADEMY, Nellore manages the executive education programs that the institute conducts in collaboration with ed tech firms. The courses and programs are developed according to the current industry requirements and feedbacks from industry professionals. The Education Outreach also supports in execution of internal events of the institute such as talks, conferences, computer labs, workshops and more. The institute-led education programs such as Research Master Class workshops also come under the purview of Education Outreach.


The Department was established in the year 2009 with an initial intake of 70 students and 90 computer systems in the department laboratory of the College in that period inaugurated the Department. Now the department of computer science is having 3 labs with 150 systems,2 Severs,etc..

Course Overview

Be a part of one of the best B.Sc colleges in Nellore

A proven degree, the Bachelor of Science or B.Sc is an essential and universal undergraduate program. At ZENEX VISION ACADEMY, the top colleges in Nellore, our approach is to lend you a 360° overview of the Science and Business platform, while honing you in specialised subjects such as Statistics and Computer science. The three years spent at ZENEX VISION ACADEMY would initiate the perfect trajectory for your progression in life. What's more, you will feel confident in making an unruffled transition from the campus to the corporate world, to pursue your chosen vocation in a realm that's closest to your heart.

  • B.Sc. Computer Science with Mathematics and Physics combination(M.P.Cs) with intake of 60.

  • B.Sc. Computer Science with Mathematics and Chemistry combination(M.C.Cs) with intake of 50.

  • The faculty members of the department participated in all the phases of Janmabhoomi and Clean & Green Programs initiated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh

  • Demonstration of practicals to 10th class students of Z.P. High Schools in and around Nellore.

  • The faculty participated in the election duties assigned by the Govt. for Panchayat, Mandal, Zillaparishad, Assembly and parliament Elections.

  • The Faculty are working in various committees like Calendar committee, Purchase Committee, Time Table committee etc.

  • Some of the Faculty members acted as paper setters for the other autonomous colleges.

  • The Department of Computer Science organized Guest Lecture on "Problem Solving Skills".

  • The Department of Computer Science organized Guest Lecture on "How to Develop a Project".

  • The Department of Computer Science organized Guest Lecture on "Theory of Computation" on 26-02-2018.

  • The Department of Computer Science organized Guest Lecture on "Ethical Hacking on 09-08-2018.

  • The Department of Computer Science organized Guest Lecture on "Concepts of Multi Media" on 05-10-2018.

  • The Department of Computer Science organized Guest Lecture on "Android Apps" on 02-02-2018.

  • The Department of Computer Science organized Workshop on "Hardware & Networking" from 10-01-2018 to 11-01-2018.

  • The Department of Computer Science organizedNational Seminar On " Hyper Space of Objects (IOT)" in DRDO on 25-01-2018.

WHY STUDY B.Sc AT Zenex Vision Academy

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  • Innovative learning methodologies, beneficial industry linkages and close collaboration with the corporate world enable a unique learning experience

  • Truly world-class education. Learn and develop inter-personal skills with top-rated faculty members who are experts in their chosen subjects

  • Continuous student engagement, through practical assignments as well as personality building events such as inter college Olympiads, national level quiz, debates and workshops, bring out the best in each student

  • Pleasant campus ambience with finest of sports and recreational facilities add to the joy of learning in one of top B.Sc colleges in Hyderabad

  • Exclusive career design through campus recruitment module and seasoned student counselling cell

If you have decided on choosing B.Sc as your graduation choice, then know that it is a wise decision. Because B.Sc is by far the most preferred choice of a vast community of students as it provides a myriad of career options. With B.Sc as the solid foundation, one can choose short term professional courses in the field of software, science, statistical accounting and so on.

What's more, a B.Sc graduate with confidence and a pleasing personality can reach the highest ranks within an organisation after years of experience.

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