Cost and Management Accountant

Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) is an estimable and an extremely admirable professional certification that is rendered to an individual, who as a CMA, is considered as a master of the wide-ranging financial management and management accounting domain. The Institute Of Cost Management Accountants Of India that was erstwhile known as The Institute Of Cost and Works Accountants Of India, was primarily established in 1944 as a company under the Companies Act, 1956 with its prime objective of promoting, regulating and developing the profession of Cost Accountancy.


The Department was established in the year 2009 with an initial intake of 70 students and 90 computer systems in the department laboratory of the College in that period inaugurated the Department. Now the department of Cost and Management Accountant is having 3 labs with 150 systems,2 Severs,etc..

Course Overview

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CMA course is 200% professional and has international curriculum. Today’s Corporate World especially in Manufacturing and Service Industries, Cost efficiency , Cost Control, Cost Management and Cost Audit are major serious issues, which determines the success of any company in the world. To become an Adept subject wise, an aspirer has to undergo Full Time Coaching for CMA related Knowledge. Tomorrow’s success is planned and executed only by the CMAs in any industry.

At present, there are around 90,000highly skilled and learned CMA's in India, who have immeasurably contrived towards great industrial and economical growth in the country and besides this, there are more than 5,00,000 students who are pursuing the ICMAI course. Also its pertinent to mention that a professionally qualified CMA would rightly propel his organization by generating value for stakeholders in the limitless socio-economic sphere, by way of their adroit competencies that they draw from their very strong and unique combination of strategy, management and also accounting.

Exam Structure and Years Required to Earn the Title
  • There are two parts in the CMA exam — each part covers a considerable amount of materials, but the benefit is that you can complete the process much faster. It is quite normal that candidates can complete the exam within a year.

  • Also, the exam is computerized and therefore can be available any weekday within the testing window, which open 6 months out of the 12 months in a year. The flexibility allows you to get fully prepared before attempting the exam, and can choose to take the exam at a time when you are not as busy.

CMA vs Non-CMA Salary in Asia
  • An important finding from the survey is that CMAs in India earn 136% more than non-CMAs. This premium has widened significantly over the years.

  • Asian CMAs also enjoy the additional benefits of expanded career paths and opportunities. About 90% said the certification had strengthened their ability to move across all areas of business, and 65% said it had increased their career options.

How to Become a CMA in India
  • Here’s some more good news: You can pursue the U.S. CMA certification from India. You don’t have to travel or work abroad.

  • The exam prerequisites are simple: all you need is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university as well as 2 years of relevant work experience that you can perform in any part of the world. You can read the CMA exam requirements here.

Exam Content and Format
  • The CMA exam is computerized and consists of 2 parts, each containing 100 multiple-choice questions and 2 essay scenarios. You will have 4 hours of total testing time for each part. You also have testing appointment flexibility: you can take the exam on any weekday within the testing windows, which cover 6 of the 12 months in each year.

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If you have decided on choosing CMA as your graduation choice, then know that it is a wise decision. Because CMA is by far the most preferred choice of a vast community of students as it provides a myriad of career options. With CMA as the solid foundation, one can choose short term professional courses in the field of software, science, statistical accounting and so on.

What's more, a CMA graduate with confidence and a pleasing personality can reach the highest ranks within an organisation after years of experience.

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